Updates From the Lab

UFTL - May25th - OGP updates

June 01, 2022 Osmosis
Updates From the Lab
UFTL - May25th - OGP updates
Show Notes

Osmosis Grants Program: Derek and Fede


Dexmos: @DexmosApp

Cosmos Tax Program**:** @kmose88 & @DefiantDanb from @DefiantLabs


OSMOCON June 9th in Austin, TX - leading into Coinbase Consensus

— Osmosis Ecosystem Strong: Osmosis Grants Program Grantees

-Dexmos & Cosmos Tax App

-lots of interest from CosmWasm teams, nothing official

— Osmosis v9 vote coming by end of week, on-chain next week

-features Token Factory, CosmWasm upgrades, interchain accounts, and more

—Osmosis front-end refactor going live today

-front-end UX survey: https://t.co/1TTBHfuSUb

**LAST MINUTE: OSMOCON — June 9th in Austin

-this will lead into Coindesk’s Consensus

-there was originally a Terra convention then, which had to be canceled

-but they were stuck in contracts with venue and caterers, and the team knows them, so Osmosis is taking over the contracts

-a lot of the Terra community was already planning to come, so they can come learn more about Osmosis

-splash page coming --https://osmocon.com/

-lots of speakers already

-low-key, hackerspace vibe — hang with devs instead of suits at Consensus

-like a day-long Updates from the Lab

Notes by Steviewoofwoof: