Updates From the Lab

Updates From the Lab with Apollo DAO

June 29, 2022 Osmosis Episode 38
Updates From the Lab
Updates From the Lab with Apollo DAO
Show Notes

Kevin @Berrey | Sunny @sunnya97

Apollo DAO @ApolloDAO & Bruce, @Cosmic_ape1


-Osmosis continuing to build out safety protocols: re-writing the Cosmos simulator, developing mutation tests, working on bug bounty program

-work continues on bridge integrations, Kado fiat on-off ramps (hopefully in a few weeks), WosmoNFTs

-ApolloDAO is building on Osmosis. You can see their pre-proposal on Commonwealth to bring the ApolloSafe to Osmosis.

-the ApolloSafe is an advanced multi-sig wallet built with CosmWasm (CW3) that improves on the CosmosSDK multi-sig, and which has a new interface so non-devs can avoid the command line.

-further functionality will soon be built into ApolloSafe: streaming payments, fiat on-off ramps, etc.

-in addition to the ApolloSafe, ApolloDAO will be bringing automated trading strategies, leveraged yield farming, vaults, and on other on-chain hedge fund strategies to Osmosis

-they are planning to start on Osmosis, branch out to other appchains, and possibly start their own Cosmos chain, depending on what makes the most sense for connecting Cosmos chains with the ApolloSafe and with the ApolloDAO yield strategies

Notes by Steviewoofwoof: